Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday slump

Time it took to drive home last night: 40 minutes.

"Why?", you may ask, when it usually only takes 12 minutes!
Yesterday after work, I drove my coworker home and took a ridiculous new way home which resulted in my getting home extraordinarily late. It was still nice though, as he gave me a tour of the town and we talked business.

It turns out that Saturdays here are surprisingly busy! I even had actual work to do today, but my excoworker came in and took his computer, so all the work that I actually did went to waste.


Too busy today to write more, but am super psyched for my day off!

More on monday!

Quote of the day:

"Here, I left you a bag of condoms"
"A bag of what?!"

Calls: 11                   Customers: 19?


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