Friday, September 26, 2008

First week review

Reasons why my coworker rocks ass:

This morning I was exactly 1 hour late for work, and the Boss called looking for me. It turns out that my coworker told him I was out buying coffee! (Which I wasn't, I was just sleeping)

Today is a very busy day for my coworkers, because they pretty much have appointments all day. Right now this very funny black man with amazing RayBan-style glasses is talking about his wife, and it turns out he's from Barbados! What a pleasant man!


So I just spent an hour talking to my coworker about non work related things and it was amazing! He's apparently as excited as I am about Christmas, so we're going to have our own 2-person Christmas party with a tree and eggnog and everything!

As I knew I would eventually do, I went back to the bakery next door to buy a sandwich. I'd say it was the best thing I've bought from there so far. It was still bland though. It's like you have to ask if you want them to make things with salt.

While I was there, I also saw that they have Chicken Coconut soup! What the hell is that?!
I told my coworker about it, because I thought that it was a witty story, and he said that it was, in fact, the best soup ever!

I may or may not go buy some later, depending on how hungry I get throughout the day.

I feel it imperative to say that I am going on vacation quite soon. Nowhere far, of course, considering I work 6 days a week, but just to Wakefield, where I can sit on a patio, looking out at the lake and drink some cider with my feet on a chair and

R&R here I come!


I sat with my coworker for a while watching youtube videos on his laptop and then decided I wanted to go for a cigarette break, which he came with me for, and we talked about what I'm going to do with my life and so on, and about whether its best to do what you love for less money, or to sell your soul and do something that you hate, for more money.

I said I'd rather do what I love. He'd give it all up for money.

1 to 10 = 9

Quote of the day:

"You wanna have a race?"
"I'll totally win"
"I'll take my pants off."

Clients: 4 Calls: 4



Annalise Atomic! said...

What if what I love is money?!? Is it win-win?!

OV. said...

yes. most definetly.