Thursday, October 9, 2008

Drunken Forced Updates.

So basically,
I haven't updated in like a million years because my blogger access is now blocked from my work PC.

However, Annalise is simply in love with my blog and keeps making me update so I will.

Things have been incredibly hectic since my last update.

My Coworker basically fucked off and hasn't been back ever since but now has a doctors note saying that he's too stressed out to work hence he deserves 2 weeks paid vacation.

I'm fucking stressed out too! Where's my free money!?

Also, things have been incredibly boring since he left.

I miss him singing from his desk, or telling me random stories about his weekend,
Or driving him home and having to stop a block away so his girlfriend doesn't get jealous.

Life is hard, although I truly believe that at many points during your life, you inadvertently meet people who change the entire path of your life with a simple comment, or a look. 

My coworker was one of those people.




1 comment:

Annalise Atomic! said...

When you update, it makes my heart sing!! ♥
Oh and boooo to Coworker for quitting and being all like "give me a paid vacation"!